#6: so far and specific call outs

Girl Love 6 is shaping up to be full and varied, with topics including: the difference between self-care and self-soothe, fandoms and identity, See Red Women’s Workshop and how we raise awareness of issues today, how to make protest materials, …

Please don’t read the list and think these are the only submissions Girl Love #6 needs. There is no theme, only the broad ethos of the zine – so get in touch with your ideas!
Below are more specific requests for contributions, for those who want to be involved but would like a bit more direction.



Girl Love will feature 2 playlists.
One will be made up of SONGS OF RESISTANCE: send in your suggestions.
The other is undecided. Let me know if you’re interested in putting something together!


Inspired by this and this, Girl Love is looking for a piece about fangirls. A contributor for Girl Love #6 has already written about finding/affirming her identity through fandoms, and it would suit a companion piece.

If you have anything to say about:

  • the way fandoms can foster community
  • why unapologetic passion should be celebrated
  • the weird hypocrisy of middle aged men hoarding bob dylan merch whilst calling young girls obsessive
  • how unfair it is that girls always have to prove their love for something (“oh you like [insert band name]? Sure ok, recite their entire discography pls”, “fake gamer girls”)

Get in touch

deadline: 17th march

contact : girllovezine@hotmail.com


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