call out: A to Z of social self-care


A to Z of social self-care

hello collective girl love brain, i need your ideas again!

i’m making an article/collage series for this blog on social self care and i’d like your tips and contributions.
this is a good space to share what you wish people would understand about your needs in a more general and anonymous sense, as well as share advice.

by SOCIAL SELF CARE, i specifically mean how to sustain good relationships and communication with people in friend contexts and more profesh contexts. this includes: how to be better at replying to things, navigating anxieties around talking to people, practical advice and reassurances, etc.

the premise of this is that is that social skills are SKILLS that can be developed rather than natural instincts that everyone else has. communication skills are incredibly important but also seem to be where a lot of our anxieties, insecurities and misunderstandings emerge. i hope we can destigmatise the stress of communication, make allowances for each other and learn ways to improve.

you can comment if you feel confident, or message me privately/us on the official gl fb page, or email xxx

credit to Rubyetc

2 thoughts on “call out: A to Z of social self-care

  1. Get idea for a piece. The best tip I have found to releave pressure during conversation, especially with people you don’t know or customers at work, is tell them how you’re feeling! Even if it’s ‘im tierd today’ or ‘im a bit stressed today’. Said truthfully and openly these things make the connection more personal and half the time the other person will let on to how they are feeling and a conversation can happen quite naturally! Honesty is the best policy. ♥


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