Review: Girlcon zine

REVIEWGirlcon: a collab zine of work made at Girlcon 2015

read + reviewed by a person who did not attend the event

Girlcon “is a two-day event for teenage girls, young women, and non-binary folk with the aim of building a supportive & creative community”.

We swapped a few copies of Girl Love #4 for the Girlcon zine and finally got a chance to read it properly at Verbal Remedy‘s Festival of the Zine.


The first pages talk you through the programme of the event, with workshops and panel discussions on all sorts incl. but absolutely not limited to: selfies, witches, black feminism today and girls’ experiences of activism.

The event sounds amazing but I read the whole thing without FOMO because there is such amazing comfort in knowing these events are happening. Brilliant spaces are being created where friendships and ideals and actions can be nurtured and it is all part of a movement of girl to girl solidarity gathering momentum.


My overall feeling on reading this was confidence. Not only from the inspiration/advice pages- made collectively, but a confidence that everything we do is worth it. Artificial competition between girls is created because our friendship is so powerful but we are learning the value of girls co-operating.

I think my fave pages were the fangirl commandments, for it’s sense of humour and for it’s reassurance: passion is a positive force and not something to be ashamed of. I think when girls are encouraged to tear each other down, the easiest targets are young girls who fancy justin bieber or girls who love nerdy stuff.

Aesthetically, it’s beautiful but clearly thrown together in the time available. Overcoming the hurdle of perfectionism seems to be really freeing and productive. This zine is packed with different stuff and leaves you with recommendations: music, podcasts, books, etc.

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a4// mostly full-colour// 53 pages of teenage girl enthusiasm//