How To: Deal with Customers


There are a lot of us working in the service industry, so here are some tips for dealing with customers.

This list is made up of ideas and tips from girls in work and it will be added to. Feel free to send in your suggestions/experience of what works.

  1. tell them it is your first day. they should feel sorry for you and give you warm words of encouragement.

  2. if they look like they are having a bad day, give them something for free

  3. your employer has a duty to protect you from harrassment. you do not have to serve anyone you don’t want to. (how easy it is to access your rights is another matter, but worker’s rights exist)

  4. if it’s really busy and people are complaining, just do what they ask because it is easier and less stressful for you

  5. it is easier to be polite to people if you keep reminding yourself that this is your job and you do not have to care about any of these people

  6. try and gain relationships with regulars because you know that you are making their day happy

  7. if you get to know regulars, they’ll often defend you if someone is being rude to you (and often say all the things that you would normally say if you weren’t at work)

  8. passive aggressive responses include giving customers £5 worth of change in 20ps

  9. sounds mean, but treat them like children. They don’t understand things and might be a pain but it is important to keep them happy because otherwise they cry/get you fired

  10. (if you treat them nicely and explain, then with practice they will become better, like kids growing up)


This is part of our series on work: see our call for submissions if you want to contribute.


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