coping with unemployment

Unemployment affects most of us at some point. For me, I dropped out of university in May 2015, spent 6 months recovering from a nervous breakdown and gradually re-assimilating into society that expects you to do stuff and earn money and pay tax.


It’s a really bleak situation to be in, especially for those of us who don’t have family affluence to fall back on. You feel really pointless and worthless and inadequate every time you apply for a job and hear nothing back, every time you get to interview then get rejected. It bashes your self-esteem in the face and makes applying for jobs more difficult every time you’re knocked back. And it’s also really boring. The idea of staying in bed all day with no commute or deadlines is nice for about two weeks. And then you realise you’ve been wearing the same knickers for three days and your hair has moulded to your head. Lethargy breeds apathy and all the time you have to spare is spent re-watching The Office and feeling sorry for yourself. I am here to fix this.

There are about 1.68 million unemployed people in the UK right now. 1 16% of households are “workless”2. In 2012 there were “around six people for every vacancy in the country.” 3 796,200 people are claiming some kind of jobless benefit.4 Look at this fucken graph. There just straight up are not enough jobs to go around.


The point I am making is that it’s not your fault. Don’t be mad at yourself for not finding a job right now, for whatever reason. Be mad at the Tories and New Labour for starving the economy and outsourcing industry and facilitating cheap labour through apprenticeships and unpaid workfare schemes and dismantling the working class and massively restricting union organisation. Always be mad at them.

by Emily Winthrop

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