The Periodical + related positivity

This afternoon I came home to find some lovely post from Pearl, including little zines on period positivity she picked up and passed on to me. I’ve now been introduced to the great work of Chella Quint, a Sheffield-based comedian, designer, artist + education researcher, who is building the #periodpositive campaign.

“She accepts that people may both love and hate periods, but tries to unpick how big an influence the media plays in these attitudes. She aims for ‘period neutral’, using a positive approach.”


The Periodical

Despite the name, it is a one off zine. I had a lot of time-pressured fun making, in time for Period Pride Day on Feb 18th.


  • anecdotes
  • self – care tips
  • cryptic crossword (thanks to Psiren!!)
  • vegan brownie recipe
  • puns
  • an essay i didn’t write
  • a menstrual calendar

It was intended as a fun project and a way for us connect with each other + destroy the shame around periods.



Buy a copy:

Get in touch with me via our facebook. I will give you my bank deets + you will give me your address.
It’s £1 for printing + postage + time spent trying to figure out the risograph

thank you thank you thank you, Hufi xx



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