Facebook Chats with Women

Our amazing friend Clara has made a zine “Facebook Chats with Women” and now it is available for YOU to buy + love + treasure.



In her own words: “Facebook Chats with Women is a full-colour, properly printed + bound hand drawn little zine about the emotional intimacy of friendships between women conducted via facebook chat. It’s kinda funny (I hope). It’s a collection of lines I liked from my own facebook conversations with friends, and that I thought were revealing about the way women speak to eachother, alongside some line drawings I did of great selfies my friends took.”


If you want to buy one you can either paypal Clara (claraheathcock@blueyonder.co.uk, £2.00/copy + £1.00 postage, leaving your address in the comments section and she will post it to you, or message her on facebook if you don’t have paypal/want to work something out.

Lizi’s review: “Facebook Chats with Women’ looks at the self-deprecation we do as women, doubting what we say and feeling guilty for saying it, exploring the issue in a fantastically funny way and encouraging the validation we give to each other, as well as nudging us to validate our own feelings more often in a funny, friendly and relatable way.”




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